ZIV: a Hebrew word meaning ‘light’ or ‘glow’.

ZIV is a certified women-owned creative marketing & design agency that helps companies of all sizes connect with and understand their users through branding, marketing, app development, web design, research, and user experience design.

By focusing on the user, ZIV maximizes your investment by strategically transforming brands, digital products, and marketing to engage customers and to better position your brand for business growth.

ZIV offers a variety of services; Websites new or re-builds (ADA compliant), social and content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, product development, reputation management, UX User Experience audits and fixes, direct marketing either by e-mail or targeted digital, marketing consultation, fractional CMO, and general advertising.

Founded in 2004 by Cara Miller, ZIV is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and works with start-ups to mature brands around the world.  The company was born in response to how agencies were serving their customers.  Recognizing the disconnect between women driving 80% buying decisions, but only 3% of creative directors being female, ZIV set out to build an agency to change things.

ZIV was recently recognized as one of four Kansas City area businesses to land in the first 250 members of the 2021 Forbes Next 1,000 list.

Let’s ignite brilliance. Let’s ZIV.

To find out how ZIV can help your business, contact:

Dave Polson at dave.polson@letsziv.com or 402-770-6013