Unite Private Networks (UPN) is headquartered and founded in the Kansas City, MO metro area.

Since 1998, UPN has been providing customer-focused communications solutions.  UPN provides high-bandwidth, fiber-based communications networks and related services to schools, governments, carriers, data centers, hospitals, and enterprise business customers throughout the United States. Service offerings include dark and lit fiber, private line, optical Ethernet, Internet access, data center services, voice and hosted PBX services, and other customized solutions.

UPN currently serves over 300 communities across 21 states, with 10,000 metro fiber route miles and 7,000 end customer sites connected to our 100% owned and operated fiber optic network.

UPN has a proven history of successful completion of large and complex fiber-optic construction projects, on time and on budget. Customer relationships typically include long-term agreements (10-20 years) for fiber-optic connectivity between multiple facility locations. UPN manages all phases of the customer relationship, including RFP response, construction management, network reliability, technical assistance, and customer service, to facilitate a long-term partnership with the customer.

We have local experts in fiber optic network services; from burying fiber to configuration of the enterprise grade network devices installed. Additionally, you’ll be supported by local provisioning and project management along with 24/7 repair service.

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Contact: Paul Tancona at paul.tancona@upnfiber.com or (816) 260-1931