Founded in 1979, Tax Favored Benefits was created as a financial organization that differed from competitors, meaning one that was based on experience, education and a true dedication to service. At the core of Tax Favored Benefits’ business philosophy is utilizing products that reduce taxes in some fashion—a caveat clients appreciate, as every hard-earned dollar counts.

TFB actively manages over 500 employer-sponsored 401 (K) plans throughout the Midwest.  They custom design each plan based on the unique needs of an organization.  They seek to identify, assess, develop, and implement strategies that make sense for that individual company.

TFB’s full-service corporate retirement plan services include:

-Open architecture investment selection

-Investment analysis and benchmarking

-Fee analysis and benchmarking

-Fiduciary risk management

-In-house TPA

-Enrollment and Education services

Please call Bob Shay at 913.777.5077 to begin the conversation about how we can work together to design a program that meets the needs of your business and employees while complying with all the regulations.