Regenerative Treatment Centers specializes in the most advanced non-invasive therapies that help facilitate the accelerated recovery and healing of both the mind and body.  Natural, safe, and effective treatments can prevent unnecessary costly surgeries, eliminate pain, and promote natural healing.

Recently opened in April 2019, the clinic is headed up by Dr Adam Boender, with medical oversight from Dr Cristyn Watkins and Michaela Kolarik, APRN.

The clinic offers a range of treatment options such as vitamin infusions and injections, ozone therapy, stem cell and exosome therapy, and PRP therapy to support your body’s ability to renew, restore and regenerate on a cellular level.

Whether you are an athlete trying to heal from an injury, someone who suffers from an auto-immune disorder, or you’re just looking to reverse the signs of aging, Regenerative Treatment Centers is here to serve you.

The cutting-edge therapies can help you stay at the top of your game every day of the year so that you can do what you love to do and live life as the greatest version of yourself.

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