Nummies is a new baked goods business that launched in late 2022 in Leawood, Kansas and provides a curated menu of delicious baked goods, including a dietary-inclusive line of treats such as gluten-friendly baked goods and dairy-free options.

Starting a bakery has been a lifelong dream, and we’re thrilled to finally share Nummies with everyone. Our mission is to provide mouth-watering baked goods that everyone can enjoy!

Nummies specializes in beautiful pull-apart breads with sweet or savory fillings and small desserts including mini cupcakes, cookies, and nougatine. We also offer a delicious gluten-friendly line of baked goods and plan to launch additional dietary-friendly lines over time.

As a member of the local business community, we at Nummies are committed to supporting the success and growth of our fellow businesses. We believe that collaboration and community are key ingredients to building a thriving local economy. That’s why we’re excited to offer Chamber of Commerce members the opportunity to partner with us for cross-promotion, fundraising, special events, and vendor sales. By working together, we can increase brand awareness and loyalty for everyone involved.

At Nummies, we believe that good food is an essential ingredient for nurturing long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Our goal is to provide a selection of baked goods that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Nummies offers delicious baked goods, including gluten-friendly and dairy-free options made with fresh ingredients. We’ll soon be launching vegan and low-carb lines.

As a woman-owned business, we’re proud to bring people together through our baked goods.

For more information, visit or email Laura Jaber at