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New Leawood Chamber Members Get Access to All Our Benefits and Resources

You want to give back, and you’ve set your sights on community involvement. But you want to ensure you feel a genuine connection as you join the conversation. You want to engage in dialogues that matter and build meaningful relationships. You want to be a part of lasting change.

The City of Leawood Chamber of Commerce offers all this through a community experience that makes an authentic impact for you and our city.

What Is the Chamber of Commerce?

It’s simple: we’re a group of business leaders, advocates, and community members dedicated to the mutual success of Leawood, its business community, and its residents.

No one succeeds alone. We’re committed to ensuring that each member of our Chamber gets the resources they need to thrive and participate in the success of our city and the greater Kansas City area.

Why Join Us as a New Leawood Chamber Member?

As a member of the Leawood Chamber of Commerce, you get immediate access to an enduring insider network of people and businesses who care about the present and future of our city and the greater Kansas City area.

Becoming a member positions you to receive individualized, targeted resources and support whenever you need them, whether you require an introduction or a deeper understanding of the latest legislative dynamics.

Marketing and Brand Promotion Benefits

  • Promote your business on our digital platforms
  • Get discovered via our Online Membership Directory
  • Share news, updates, job postings, and more
  • Sponsor events and get brand promotion
  • Participate in or host new business or expansion ribbon cutting

Networking Benefits

  • Monthly in-person and virtual networking events
  • Expertly facilitated business matchmaking
  • Programming designed for young professionals
  • Chamber-facilitated business referrals
  • Professional development webinars
  • Public policy events (State of the City, State of the County, Legislative Luncheon)

Advocacy Benefits

More Opportunities to Get Involved as a New Leawood Chamber Member

By participating in our events, meetings, and more, you’ll be introduced to an engaged community of business professionals and advocates.

We want to include you in the conversations and actions that matter for your business’ benefit and for the benefit of Leawood.

Community Involvement at Its Best

  • Serve on a committee or task force.
  • Become an Ambassador for the Chamber.
  • Join the Leawood Chamber Economic Development Council to stay up-to-date on all planning and development activity.
  • Share your passion for supporting advocacy efforts at the local and state level to promote pro-business policies and help local businesses thrive.
  • Foster growth and contribute to the success of your community.

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Or you can fill out our membership application to become a member of the Leawood Chamber of Commerce today.

Questions? Contact us here, or call the Chamber at (913) 498-1514.

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