Featured Member

The opportunity to be the “Featured Member” on the Chamber’s website and in our e-newsletter, Chamber Insider, is available to every Chamber Member.  It is a FREE service, and one of your Member benefits.

Being our Featured Member is a great way to get FREE publicity and to build visibility for your business!

You can include details about the history of your business, the services/products you offer, and how your business can benefit other Chamber members.  We include your company logo, along with a link back to your company’s website to enable readers to get a more in-depth look at your business.

Don’t pass up this opportunity for increased exposure! Getting word out about your business is crucial to building business referrals and maximizing opportunities to enjoy business success!

Remember: Being a Chamber Member means your business is more grounded in the local community. Community members are more likely to look for services offered by chamber members, because they are seen as being more reputable in the community, and as having good business practices.

Let us help you promote your business today!

Fill in the Featured Member Questionnaire, and return to Taylor Limoges at TaylorL@LeawoodChamber.org

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