What products and/or services does your business offer?

Chamber Data Systems develops, sells, and supports management software for chambers of commerce. Our most recent web-based product, CC-Assist.NET allows chambers to manage their membership, website, events, accounting, and marketing communications all in a single place. It eliminates the potential for error and the extra work involved in double entering and maintaining information in multiple places.

When was your business started?


How many people does your business employ?


What drivers led to the creation of your business?

In the early 80’s most chambers of commerce used manual systems to maintain membership lists, handle member dues and billing, and perform general accounting functions. The few chambers with computers used a hodge-podge of software packages such as mailing list programs, database programs, and spreadsheets which could not communicate with each other and exchange data. Together with a representative of a north Dallas Chamber, Alan Anderson founded Chamber Data Systems, Inc. and developed the first comprehensive and integrated PC software tailored specifically for chambers of commerce. A short time later, JoAnn McDonough joined as Vice President of Marketing, and the company was on its way.

How has your business grown/developed since it’s inception up to now?

The software, CC-Assist, is now in its fifth major release and is easily the most powerful, reliable, and easy to use package available. Since its introduction, nearly 800 chambers of commerce have chosen CC-Assist as their primary administrative tool making it the most widely used software for chambers of commerce. Each successive version includes new functionality and enhancements based on feedback from nearly 3000 chamber staff members who have used CC-Assist during its life.

Florence Durant acquired Chamber Data Systems in 2005 and took over as President and lead developer. She architected and led the development of the next generation of CC-Assist software, CC-Assist.NET.

Ryan O’Connor joined Chamber Data Systems in mid 2009 as a software developer and contributed significantly to the development of new features within CC-Assist.

Luke Atchison joined Chamber Data Systems in 2013 and initiated CC-Sites, our website development branch. Luke specializes in information presentation and leads the development for our mobile responsive and search engine optomized websites which employ the WordPress content management system.

Myles Osborne completes the Chamber Data Systems team. She specializes in marketing and communications. She launched our social media presence shortly after arriving and conducts periodic instructional webinars for our users. Myles is also responsible for developing the website content for our CC-Sites websites.

How is your business unique from other businesses in your market?

Our CC-Assist software occupies a special niche in the chamber software market by offering maximum flexibility within a simple-to-use application. CC-Assist specializes in analytics to assist chambers in develping data-based initiatives.

Why did you choose to locate your business in Leawood?

Leawood is an ideal place to live and work. The excellent school systems, low crime rates and highway accessibility make it an attractive place for young professionals to set down roots. The success of our business is directly attributable to our excellent staff and Leawood provides a highly educated, diverse workforce.

Why has your business elected to become a member of the Leawood Chamber of Commerce?

The Leawood Chamber of Commerce is the center of business in our community. Whether connecting businesses together, educating businesses on new policies, or advocating on behalf of the business community, the Chamber of Commerce excels through the experience and creative efforts of their staff. The Chamber has been an excellent and relevant resouce for us throughout our time in Leawood.

What advice can you offer to new businesses starting in Leawood?

Businesses in Leawood are a tight-knit community that support other local businesses through direct referrals and shared experiences. We recommend new businesses reach out through the Chamber’s networking channels to get to know other business professionals in the community.

Who should people contact for more information about your products or services?

Myles Osborne

(972) 233-1299




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