The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City (“The J”) opened in 1914 in midtown Kansas City, MO, and has grown and adapted to serve the changing needs of Greater Kansas City’s Jewish and secular communities. They’ve continuously offered the finest in recreational, social, and educational services as their facilities have transitioned to Overland Park. With the generosity of the community and donors, their Capital Campaign was a success and they now have a beautiful new expansion with more space to play, workout, dance, sculpt, and park!


The J has a fitness center, CrossFit, Personal Training, indoor and outdoor pools, a Theatre, and a gathering place for their senior 65+ community. They offer a variety of sports, dance, Acro + Tumbling, music, voice, and art classes. They also provide swim lessons, summer camps, and other programs for families with kids of all ages. The J has an Accredited Child Development Center (1 year-Pre-K), After-School Care, and Vacation Days programming. They also have a great fitness facility nearby and meeting room spaces available for rent. The J can also partner to offer deals and discounts or events to both of their customer bases.


The J is like the living room for the community. They provide a comfortable place to gather with friends and to make new friends!