Helps2 story began in February of 2012. An entrepreneur named George Temple created Helps2 in Fresno, California. His hope was to help those with a great message and little resources reach the people they were designed to reach. The same year, Helps2 current owner, Gabriella Martay, was on a music tour in Chicago and found a listing posted by George who was looking for a social media manager. She applied and soon started working with Helps2 virtually.

What started as a small role led to Gabriella becoming one of the key managers at the company. Her role grew even bigger in 2015 when George, who was excited to pursue other endeavors, sold the company to her for a dollar.

Years later, the primarily virtual company (now based in Kansas City) has more than doubled in size and continues to have the same heart. A team of creatives with experience in reaching others with their crafts, Helps2 is more passionate than ever about helping small businesses, nonprofits and others like themselves grow, reach people and change the world.

Helps2 offers consulting, social media strategy, brand development, videography, graphic design, web development, email marketing, SEO and much more. They’re here to help you grow. Whether you are just getting started in your market or have a business/cause that’s been around for 30 years, they can help you grow and reach people effectively with what you have to offer.

The Helps2 team consists of all creatives that have experience growing companies and brands! This means that they’re all acquainted with creating and reaching people with what they’ve created. They don’t just work behind a desk all day; they live the marketing methods they preach.

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