We Are Banking. Focused.

Successful, highly competitive business owners and high-net-worth individuals often carve out a completely unique niche. In fact, that’s how First Business was founded in 1990. As the first bank in the Midwest to focus solely on business, we started small with very few clients — and genuinely listened to their needs, crafting inventive, individual banking services designed to support and spur growth. Formerly Alterra Bank, earlier this year we made the decision to align closer to our parent company, changing our name and expanding your access to the First Business portfolio of services.

We all know that bigger isn’t always better, so through the years we’ve grown only when it makes sense. Clients benefit from our intentionally smaller client list and niche banking model through access to our individual, attentive planning, innovative vision, and best practices expertise.

Our clients often initially seek business banking, retirement plan services, specialty financing, or private wealth strategies, and then experience success, leading them to implement more of our ideas and connect with our resources and services. We strive for multi-faceted, beneficial partnerships, because at First Business, one good thing leads to another.


To learn more, visit www.firstbusiness.com/kc

Have Questions? Please Contact:
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