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Incentive Opportunities

Incentives for Leawood Businesses

Rely on Our Community and Economic Development Resources for Your Development Project

Leawood and the State of Kansas offer financial tools to help make your business expansion and growth easier in Leawood.

Below are many tools available to you as you plan for the future. Have questions? Feel free to consult our Economic Development Council staff, and we can walk you through the entire process step by step.

Tools for Growing Your Business in Leawood

Discover the many incentives available to you for community and economic development in Leawood. When you join the Chamber of Commerce and the EDC, we work closely with you to interpret and act on the many benefits of establishing or expanding your business in our city and beyond.

Special Benefit District (SBD):

  • Provides for public improvements such as streets, stormwater management, etc., associated with real estate development.

Transportation Development District (TDD):

  • Sales tax or a property tax special assessments can be charged within the district to be used for repayment of TDD eligible project costs, which may include roads, traffic signals, parking lots, sidewalks, and related utility relocation. Kansas law dictates the specific eligible expenses for governing body review.

Community Improvement District (CID):

  • Existing developments that were built at least 20 years prior to the date of the applicant’s petition are eligible to apply for CID financing.
  • Funds can be used to pay for a variety of improvements within eligible developments by utilizing a development-specific sales tax.

Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB):

  • Used to finance the purchase of land, land improvements, and production-related machinery and/or equipment, and if leased, with an asset life span at least equal to the term of the lease.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF):

  • Channels funding toward improvements in areas where development or redevelopment may not otherwise occur, by pledging future gains in taxes to assist in financing those improvements.

More detailed information about the programs above can be viewed in the Leawood Capital Improvement Program document.

Kansas Tools Available for Leawood Businesses

The Kansas Department of Commerce offers a diverse portfolio of financial incentives for businesses looking to locate, move to, or expand in Kansas. Below are examples of more commonly used incentives for community and economic development.

For a complete listing, contact the EDC team.

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK):

  • PEAK encourages economic development in Kansas by incentivizing companies to relocate, locate, or expand business operations and jobs in Kansas. During the benefit period, participating PEAK companies may retain 95% of the payroll withholding tax of PEAK-eligible employees or jobs that pay at or above the county median wage where the operations and jobs will be located.

High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP):

  • Provides tax incentives to employers that pay above-average wages and have a strong commitment to skills development for their workers.

Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR):

  • A job retention tool that helps employees of restructuring companies who are likely to be displaced because of obsolete or inadequate job skills and experience.

Kansas Industrial Training (KIT):

  • The KIT program may be used to assist firms involved in job creation. Training can include pre-employment classroom- and on-the-job-training by in-house instructors or vendors. Pre-employment training may be used to allow the company and prospective employees an opportunity to evaluate one another before making employment commitments.

When you have questions about these incentives, feel free to contact our EDC staff for more information. When you join the Chamber and EDC, you get even more individualized guidance and resources to help you meet your goals.