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About Us

All About Leawood and Our Local Economic Development Council

How the Leawood Chamber of Commerce Fosters Business Planning and Development

The City of Leawood Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council provides intensive support for businesses as they navigate the planning and development process in our city.

Businesses researching Leawood as a potential location – and those that have already begun the process – utilize our resources to achieve their project goals.

Much like our personalized mentorship and programming for Chamber member businesses, the EDC team ensures that you’re set up with vital access and insights for every project phase.

What Does Our Local Economic Development Council Do?

We provide the information, mentorship, and strategy you need to ensure your project planning and development is a success. Committed to the prosperity of Leawood’s economy, we work relentlessly on your behalf to establish your business in Leawood. Join the Leawood Chamber of Commerce, and get access the EDC’s primary supports:

The planning and development process is only as successful as the communication and collaboration behind it. Rely on the Leawood EDC for everything you need to ensure your project succeeds.

Why Invest in Leawood Through Our EDC

When you’re conducting research to determine the economic viability of cities in the KC metro area, you need look no further than Leawood for a significant business opportunity.

Leawood is a down-to-earth, welcoming, and educated community. Our city offers sophistication and an excellent quality of life without feeling exclusive.