Digital Doc Leawood  opened for business in May of this year.  Located in Camelot Court at 119th & Roe, Digital Doc offers a full range of electronic repair services for all digital devices.  In addition to serving the individual consumer, Digital Doc partners with businesses and schools to assist with their device repair and technology needs.

In today’s busy world, our professional and family lives require constant communication, so when a smartphone breaks, its important to be able to repaired it in a short amount of time.  Digital Doc is able to handle all types of phone repairs including the most common such as cracked screens, charging issues, broken LCDs, and water damage, and most repairs are completed in under an hour.

Digital Doc also provides computer repair services for businesses and individuals, and all repairs are completed in-house.  Often times with technology problems, it’s beneficial to be able to talk through the issues being encountered.  With Digital Doc, customers are able to speak directly with the technician that will be working on their device.  This approach differs from many “big box” stores, which often don’t complete repairs on-site, but send devices to centralized repair centers, making it impossible to speak to the actual person working on your device.

Small business owners need to focus on their area of expertise and not necessarily technology issues that arise in the office.  Digital Doc likes to partner with small businesses on technology needs such as installation and repair, upgrades, and performance optimization.  In addition, since repairs are done in-house, businesses can expect a quick response to issues that arise.

Many employers seek to provide expanded benefits to their employees by offering discounts to local businesses and entertainment venues. These benefits help employees save time and money, and allow the employer to make the work environment more rewarding without additional cost.
Digital Doc offers an Employee Perks program to local businesses which provides their employees with ongoing discounts on repair services and mobile accessories.

In today’s educational environment, it’s not uncommon for schools to provide devices such as tablets or laptops to their students.  These can be a great asset; lowering the cost (and backpack weight) of printed books, as well as providing a consistent technology platform for students.  However, when they break down, waiting on repairs can prevent the student from accessing the course content they need.  Digital Doc likes to partner with schools for repairs, and provides pick-up & delivery services and quick turn around on student and administration devices.

Digital Doc’s ability to handle all types of repairs, with its high quality products and services backed by a warranty on all repairs, is what distinguishes the business from other repair centers.

For more information about Digital Doc Leawood,

visit www.digitaldoc.coe/leawood or call (913) 339-9802.

Digital Doc is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday Noon – 5 p.m.



Target Businesses:

  • – Businesses with employees whose use of mobile phones is important to their ability to succeed, such as real-estate agents, insurance agents, sales teams, and other businesses whose employees spend a lot of time out of the office..
  • – Small businesses (1-25 employees) that are not large enough to have an internal IT staff such as doctors offices, dentist offices, insurance agents, real-estate, etc.
  • – Businesses looking to provide employees withg discount plans to local businesses and entertainment venues.
  • – Schools that provide devices to students, or want to be able to assist students when their personal devices have issues.