Cornerstones of Care Blends Legacy Building Blocks


Combine five important Kansas City legacies in the field of caring for youth, and Cornerstones of Care is what was built out of concern and compassion for area kids. In 1998, the alliance between Gillis, Marillac, Ozanam, Spofford and Healthy Families resulted in one behavioral health organization, specializing in providing trauma-informed safety and health services throughout Kansas, Missouri and beyond.

The model of trauma-informed care is committed to understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of trauma in the lives of children. The staff at Cornerstones of Care seeks to work with children and families by providing multiple resources and tools in six key areas to empower them to live safe, productive and non-violent lives. Those six areas are education, mental and behavioral health, foster care and adoption, youth support, family support, and community trainings.

Besides being amazing advocates for children, the staff of Cornerstones of Care also leads by example with their involvement in local communities where they and their clients live and work.


To learn more, Contact Carol Grimaldi:

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