Jackson Clements, Owner and Chiropractor at Clements Chiropractic, is branching out after recently graduating from school and has been serving patients in the Overland Park community for the past year and a half, while at school. Clements offers chiropractic adjustments, muscle/soft tissue work, reinforcing exercises/patient education, electrical stimulation, heat/ice therapy, an activator, and a complimentary massager with adjustments. Clements believes that just about every single member could benefit from chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work to optimize the health and wellness of the Chamber. Clements Chiropractic does a lot of different things to be able to take care of as many different people as it can. It is also flexible in terms of time as well as how it will treat you.

Learn more by visiting https://www.drclementschiro.com/ or email jackson@drclementschiro.com.