Kevin Jeffries - President & CEO

Kevin is celebrating his 20th year at the Chamber. Prior to that, he worked in banking, urban planning, and as a CPA. Kevin also serves as the lead staff person for the Chamber’s Economic Development Council.

Contact Kevin on 913-498-1514 x4 or at


Deanna Glazebrook - Vice President of Programming

Deanna worked for the Chamber for the year of 2016 handling our events, and returned back as of November of 2017. She has her real estate license in KS & MO and developed customized training programs for businesses prior to joining the Chamber.

Contact Deanna at 913-498-1514 x2 or

Angela Davidson - Director of Membership

Angela worked for the Chamber from 2008-2010, and rejoined the staff in April 2018. While she was away, she continued working in the industry, first with the Ames Chamber of Commerce and then with the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Contact Angela on 913-498-1514 x1 or

Georgina Greenyer - Director of Communications

Georgina has been with the Chamber since August of 2017. She previously worked in the UK private urban planning sector. Georgina was involved in Economic Development work in the UK and enjoys working with the Economic Development Council here in Leawood.

Contact Georgina on 913-498-1514 x3 or

Alan McGrew - Vice President of Operations

Alan joined the Chamber team as an employee December of 2015. Alan’s business has been a member of the Chamber for 17 years, and he has previously served as an Ambassador.

Contact Alan on 913-498-1514 x5 or

Portraits by Strauss Peyton