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Let the Chamber Champion Your Business Development in Leawood

Emphasizing Diverse-Owned and Small Business Resources and Advocacy

We position businesses in Leawood and the surrounding areas for the kind of success that is most valuable to today’s communities.

Success today means prosperity, but it also means a thriving work culture, a sense of belonging within a neighborhood, and the opportunity to expand your brand and values into the larger community.

The Leawood Chamber of Commerce works tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that businesses can experience this good fortune and that the people of Leawood can reap the benefits as well.

We offer:

  • Empowerment for small and diverse-owned businesses.
  • Insights and advocacy for planning and development.
  • Key support for Leawood’s enduring future.

Small Businesses Are Essential to Business Development in Leawood

We often reflect on the moving success stories we come across as we provide small business resources for our members.

Imagine moving from the coast to Leawood to relocate your small business. Imagine the challenges in front of you as you try to reestablish your shop. Imagine thinking of throwing in the towel – that is, until you suddenly win a large contract through your network of Chamber members. Now you have another chance. You have a foothold in Leawood that you can build upon with help from the Chamber.

Become a member today – whether you live or do business in Leawood or not. Once you partner with us, we customize our services just for you, so you can take your next big step forward.

Leawood Business Development Opportunity: Join the Economic Development Council

Businesses looking to develop business projects in Leawood get the following benefits from the joining the Chamber EDC:

  • Go behind the scenes of Leawood planning and development
  • Get access to municipal leadership, locally and regionally
  • Use our resources to strengthen your Leawood project
  • Establish key partnerships

Join the Chamber and Tap Our Small Business Resources and More

To experience all the benefits of the Chamber and to put us in your corner for business development in Leawood, become a member today.

From engaging programming to networking opportunities, we breed success for businesses in the city of Leawood.

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