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Business Personalized memberships that fit your organization’s needs

All employees of member businesses are entitled to attend chamber events at member rates, no matter which branch location or department they work for in that business. This location listed as the primary location for that membership will be the location listed on the Chamber’s web site and in other Chamber publications. Members also are entitled to display their Leawood Chamber member plaque at the location designated above.

If a member business has several subsidiary businesses or additional locations operating under the same name, we offer several options to help your organization maximize its online presence on the Chamber web site. These options offer your other locations the ability for an additional business listing on the Chamber web site, and you’ll receive an additional Chamber plaque for that location. Your customers will immediately be able to recognize your commitment to promoting a successful business community if you choose one of these options.

For wholly owned subsidiaries operating under the same name, we can customize a group membership price for these businesses, even if they all have slightly different names. Each location will receive all the benefits of a full membership, but the billing for this one membership goes to one centralized location for all the businesses included.

The Chamber will, on request, include department or branch location description information on the member representative name badges for events, even if you choose not to have your additional locations listed on the web site or display a member plaque.

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