Founded in 2010, the Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley Post have become the most-turned-to source for community news in Johnson County. With the growth of their original site, the Shawnee Mission Post, the team has been able to expand to offer the same mix of truly local coverage to Blue Valley that made them such a success in northern Johnson County.

The Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley Post offer advertising and sponsored content marketing opportunities, along with news subscriptions, of course. They’re the place people turn to find out what’s happening in their community. So, if you have news about a business opening or significantly changing, let them know as they’d love to cover it. Additionally, their ad and sponsored content options are among the best ways out there to connect with Johnson County consumers.

The Shawnee Mission Post was featured by Harvard’s Neiman Lab and NPR as an example of a successful online news startup in an industry that’s gone through some turbulent times. In fact, with nearly 6,000 subscribers, they have one of the most successful local news subscription models in the country.

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