BCCM is a full-service national general contractor specializing in commercial construction, based in Downtown Kansas City. They believe that every project is of the highest priority and understand that every client has a different need. The BCCM difference is in their transparency of progress, their honesty in their ability, and their dedication to building strong relationships.

It’s BCCM’s mission to be consistently accessible to all partners, set the standard for honest communication, and execute timely projects of unquestionable quality. They do it all with a will-to-win attitude that drives them to achieve better construction solutions that exceed their partners’ expectations. As a general contracting partner, they aim to drive new developments and boost the local economy.

At BCCM, the focus is on people, because they know it’s the people that drive projects. Their commitment is to more than just a scope of work—it’s to build relationships and communities that set a new standard for the construction landscape. At BCCM, they hold the belief that no project is truly complete without a steadfast partnership. Their commitment to quality and providing proactive solutions drives them above and beyond the call of duty. BCCM’s promise to transparency and consistency means never leaving a partner in the dark, and never leaving room for second-guessing.