Active Development Projects in Leawood

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Chamber Blog

The Planning Commission has recommended approval of the Final Plan for Three Hallbrook Place, a four-story 120,000+ square foot office building to be constructed on an 8.46 acre tract located at the south-east corner of College Boulevard and State Line Road. Construction is expected to begin spring of 2020. No tenant for this building has been announced, but there are ongoing negotiations.

The Commission also recommended that the City Council approve the final development plan for Regents Park, a development to be located south of 135th Street and west of Kenneth Road. The plan will include connecting 137th Street from Kenneth Road to Chadwick, and included pedestrian trails. High Drive will also be connected between 135th & 137th Streets. The initial phase of this development will include luxury attached villas, extensive pedestrian trails, with later phases to include a clubhouse, multi-family residential, office and retail offerings. The recommended plan includes a “dry” landscaped stormwater detention area that will serve as a green space with walking trails and other amenities for residents to use during most of the year.

Kiddi Kollege, located at 134th & Briar, also received final plan recommendation to add office space to their current facility. The business has extended extensively in the region, making Leawood their center operations headquarters.

Chase Bank, moving into the former Dean & Deluca space at 119th & Roe received a recommendation to modify their approved final plan, involving replacing some of the current windows in the building with ones that provide more light into the facility.

For more information about active development projects in Leawood, please contact Kevin Jeffries, Chamber President & EDC Director at