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Drinking water as a food group.  We don’t often consider drinking water a part of the plan we can do anything about.  We hear all the time in the media, “Drink more water.”  But have you ever thought to ask what’s in all that water I’m drinking?  Here are a few things to think about when filling up that drinking glass.

  1. Is it clean water?  For the most part, our water in America is clean enough to bathe in, swim in, and drink.  But we hope the pool water and bath water are filtered and cleaned or that can lead to chemical toxicity and disease.  Our drinking water is no exception.  We use a Zero Water filter system at the office to make sure there are no contaminants like heavy metals, Halide, dangerous chemicals, or contaminates in our drinking water.  There are many different filtration systems.  Just make sure to test them for purity.
  2. Your average plastic water bottle rides around in a delivery vehicle which may or may not allow those bottles to get warm. Then, they may sit in a warm warehouse or out in the sun in front of your favorite gas station heating and cooling the bottles throughout the day.  All of this can create chemicals from the plastic to leach into the water inside.  Better to take the filtered water from home in a stainless steel or glass container if you can.
  3. Make sure your electrolytes are balanced.  There are some great electrolyte drinks available.  Just make sure that they aren’t loaded with sugar.  When you’re feeling lethargic, it might be that you’re dehydrated.  Add more water or check to ensure you have those electrolytes working for you.  60-80 oz. per day for most adults is great.  Just reduce the caffeine in your water, drop out those diet drinks, and enjoy the crisp clear taste of 100% water in your daily diet and watch what happens! 

I’m Dr. Rick, and that’s our “tidbit for better health” this week.
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