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Leaky Gut = Leaky Heart?

The concept of Leaky Gut is new but gaining ground in medical literature.  The idea that having intestinal permeability can somehow lead to heart failure is a leap from the status quo for sure.  But let’s look at some surprising information about the connection between our GI tract and the cells in our heart and arteries.

Muscle cells in the body work by activating actin and myosin leading to contraction and release of those muscles, like our striated skeletal and cardiac muscles acting like tiny pulleys and levers.  These actin and myosin cells are also present in smooth muscle cells, like those found in the walls of our arteries and the intestinal lumen. When the body has gut permeability issues from reactions to things like gliadin, a protein found in gluten, it can produce an autoimmune response to these proteins where our immune system sees these molecules as foreign invaders and actually attacks these protein molecules. Think of your white blood cells like the Marines on a mission to seek and destroy the enemy.

When these proteins break through the intestinal lining and seep into our bloodstream, our immune system starts to create antibodies to proteins like zonulin, actin and LPS binding protein, triggering an autoimmune response within our bodies.  What does that mean?  What would happen if our bodies began creating antibodies to the actin protein we use for muscle contraction?  Wouldn’t that affect heart and arterial function?  Yes, it does.

In one study,, the authors note that there is a direct link between altered intestinal function in patients with chronic heart failure.  In a nutshell, Leaky Gut = Leaky Heart.

Want to learn more about the connection between Leaky Gut and Leaky Heart and natural ways to reduce or eliminate those risks?  Join us for our next DocTalk on March 11th from 6-7pm at our office in Overland Park.  

I’m Dr. Rick, and that’s our “tidbit for better health” this week.

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